You were worried that you'd never be able to see this gem again, because your VHS copy is somewhere at your parents' house and you obviously don't even have a VCR. Great news! The whole thing's on YouTube.

The childhood classic opens with all the Tiny Toons counting down the minutes to summer vacation. But then it all gets ruined when Plucky crashes Hampton's family vacation to Happy World Land, a giant flood forces Buster and Babs and Byron the dog to evacuate Acme Acres, and other things go horribly wrong.


It's the classic summer tale, and even 20 years later, it's still amazing. And it might be better because there's so much smart humor in there that you probably just missed as a kid. References to the movie Deliverence, puns about bigamy you didn't get, and so many nods to pop culture, that it's worth revisiting. And you're going to be surprised that you still remember every line. There's a car! There's a car! There's a—oops! Truck! Enjoy a little nostalgia tonight. [H/T @bpmullen]