Tissue Box Spy Camera Watches You as You Wipe Your Snot

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Ignorance is bliss, but if you reeaaally want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this tissue-box spy camera will catch those moments: hopefully the good, not the bad, and definitely not the gross.

You can set the tissue box to record when scheduled, to be motion-triggered or to be controlled by remote control. The timestamped video is recorded onto a 2GB SD card (which is upgradable to 16GB) at a resolution of up to 720×480 pixels, even in low-light situations. So if you have a whopping $600, head on over to possibly catch your maid stealing or, most likely, just to find somebody playing around with their nose cooties. [Brickhouse via Boing Boing]

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Oh great! As if it wasn't bad enough to have to check to make sure his web cam is not on; that none of the pens in his pencil can are unusually heavy; and that there are no stuffed animals watching us; now I also have to tuck the Kleenex box under the bed before we get kinky! This is getting ridiculous!