TiVo Adding Slingbox Functionality Into Their Next DVR?

Companies put out surveys to gauge customer interest in potential new features all the time, so TiVo asking if people would be interested in streaming live and recorded shows from their DVR to an iPad shouldn't be seen as an indication that it's going to definitely happen. But putting a Slingbox into a TiVo would be something that would convince a decent amount of users to upgrade to new hardware. [Cult of Mac]



I'm not buying another Tivo product. It seems as if they are only adding features for the latest Premiere box, like the Amazon Prime VOD.

Tivo also won't let users remap the guide info for unencrypted QAM channels. I've been on them about this for a year and their customer service will not give me a good answer as to why they will not support it. It really seems like their vision of the future of DVRs is not very customer centric.

I can get everything the Tivo does with Windows Media Center without having to pay a subscription fee. I plan on building one in the next month or so, then goodbye monthly sub fees!