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Here's big news for a DirecTV/TiVo users, where it appears that reports of TiVo's death on that DirecTV satellite service were greatly exaggerated. The two companies announced a three-year extension to the agreement that let DirecTV subscribers receive the TiVo service. The companies also agreed not to shoot each other in the foot over patent rights. This means you'll not only be able to use that first-rate TiVo software inside DirecTV receivers for three more years, but DirecTV will also continue servicing existing DirecTV receivers with TiVo. Said DirecTV 's chief technology officer:

"By extending our agreement with TiVo, we are ensuring quality support for DirecTV customers who already own a DirecTV TiVo unit. We are pleased to cooperate with TiVo in a way that will best serve DirecTV and our DirecTV TiVo customers."


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