TiVo Auto-Delete Flag Returns (Thank God It Was Only Star Trek)

In case you didn't already know, broadcasters can slip "flags" into TV shows telling your DVR to not record it or to delete it when it hits an expiration date. TiVo users last had a run-in with the auto-delete flag a couple years ago (Media Center users had a more recent taste), but according to a reader of PVR Blog, it looks like it's back and haunting Star Trek fans. Jeff recorded one of his favorite episodes of Star Trek at 1PM and got the message above, giving him a whole 2 1/2 hours to watch it. Last time, the flag was a gltich-it's probably the case here, too, since the TiVo Copy Protection site doesn't even exist. Still, it's a nice reminder your magic box really only has as much as power as the broadcasters generously decide grant it. [PVR Blog] Note: For the record, Star Trek > Star Wars – Jason Chen Note: No it's not - Matt Buchanan


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