TiVo Explodes TiVoCast In Our Faces

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To provide downloadable content and to differentiate itself from DVRs offered from Cable Providers, TiVo has partnered with the NBA, NY Times, CNET, H2O: Hip-Hop on Demand, iVillage, Here!, Union on Demand, Heavy.com, Danger Rangers and Rocketboom.

TiVo is going to allow their subscribers that hooked up their DVRs to broadband connections to download content directly to their TiVo boxes for playback on their TV. The good part, this will be free for current TiVo subscribers. The bad part, the videos will be ad-supported. All the revenue will go to the content providers, and not TiVo, so good news if you're making interesting enough content.

TiVo diversifies its lineup with Web video [USAToday via TiVo Community]