TiVo Offers Commercials-on-Demand

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We'll be doing a hands on with the Series 2 dual-tuner TiVO and we're still a little angry at the waste of natural resources involved in making one of the silliest, on-off TiVo upgrades in the known universe but we still love our TiVo and we know they wouldn't do anything else stupid... wait a minute. This just in... there are now commercials-on-demand in your Now Playing screen. See, these things are longer-form advertisements offered to subscribers alongside their standard content. The ads masquerade as cooking shows and financial tips and you choose when, where, and if you want to watch them.

Revenue, we suppose, is revenue, but please, TiVo, give us Series 3 and stop with all the futzing.

TiVo Launches Product Watch: Commercials On Demand [ZatzNotFunny]