TiVo Releases Mac Universal Binary Desktop Software

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TiVo-using Mac heads should feel pretty confident about the future of the DVR company's support for the computer that Jobs (or Woz, depending on whom you talk to) built since they just released a Universal binary of their Desktop software for Macs. The bump to version 1.9.3 doesn't really bring any other sorely missed features to the dance (such as TiVoToGo), but it is a nice gesture of support and shows that TiVo doesn't entirely wish for the extinction of the Mac platform.

For those of you not in the know, Universal binaries are basically versions of Mac programs that run natively on either the old PowerPC processors or the hip, new Intel processors that debuted with the MacBook Pro and iMac a few months back. Any program not compiled universally runs as slow as molasses on Intel-based Macs. (OK, maybe not that slow, but let's just say the user experience is slightly disappointing.)

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