Tivoli iSongBook iPod Sound System

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Tivoli audio is famous for producing some of the smallest, finest sounding and most stylish devices on the market. My Tivoli Table Radio is in constant use, and produces amazing sound from a single speaker. So before you start carping about how this is yet another iPod accessory, know that the folks at Tivoli don't mess around.

The iSongBook looks like some retro-futuristic boombox for the iPod. Aside from absolute top notch audio quality, the parts are made for abuse as well. Rubber knobs, real speaker grills, waterproof enclosure, and an old school antenna to finish the look. It comes with an interchangeable iPod dock allowing any iPod model to fit. The right speaker also detatches to allow maximum portability. A nice remote control, and sleek blue LCD screen are included to give total control of your iPod and the included AM/FM radio. Remember Radio Raheem from Do The Right Thing? He had to have 20 D batteries in his ghetto blaster. The iSongBook needs 6 AA batteries if you decide to kick it portable. All these great features carry a big pricetag of $329, but is well worth it for what you're getting.


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