Ok Gizmodo is back after yesterdays Sony'gasm, and what have we found for you? There's a report on the odd relationship between Apple & Latin America. Where even if you can find an iPod, it will still cost you a boat load. There are two representatives from California & Virginia proposing a new act that would cripple DRM. We're not even one day into our RIAA boycott and it's already working. And LG has a new hot girl for sale and it can even transfer files at 3.6Mb/s, wait a second.

We've also got a ton of random stuff today like the Lumencraft Gatlight V3 a $370 LED flashlight, a pretty white amp with an iPod dock tacked on, And on a sad note we've learned that not all laptops will save us from certain doom, specifically when it involves you and a Hummer.


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