Tons of futuristic gadgets that will enhance the Total Recall remake

How do you go about topping Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall? Len Wiseman, who's directing the remake, has a few ideas — such as introducing a few new futuristic gadgets to the updated flick.


The reboot director shared a few futuristic gizmos he'll be inserting into Colin Farrell's Total Recall — and explained why he's happy this Total Recall will never make it to Mars. Minor spoilers ahead...

The best part about Total Recall is all the tech that they introduce, like the green skeleton X-ray or the kitchen [with the giant screen]...what's some of the tech that you're introducing in this film?

Len Wiseman: And the nails, do you remember the nails? That was one of the coolest things... There's a lot. In the Philip K. Dick story there was mention of hover cars, that I really wanted to pull off. And we have, we're actually shooting that this week. So that's one of the technologies that is immensely complicated, but I think it really pays off. I think it's going to pay off. There's a lot of gadgets, there's a lot of implant devices that we haven't seen before.

Implant technology. Implanted cell phones, implanted tattoos, LCD tattoos, that are just kind of popping up in Japan. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Was there any sort of nod that you wanted to make to the original, like when recreating the chair that he [Arnold Schwarzenegger now Colin Farrell] sits in to get his brains zapped?

We have a version of what that Total Recall facility, environment and chair and how it's presented to the world and what sort of environment it is. It's a very new take on that. One of the scenes that I'm showing today [at Comic-Con] is a very rough scene that we shot at the Total Recall facility.


How do you remake this film, do you have to adapt the film to make it what the future will be now?

We're always creating what we think the future is going to be like, it never really turns out that way, right? That movie was 20 years ago, today what you would guess the future would be, you design it differently. It's a very different world that we've created. It's a much more futuristic world.


And you took it off Mars, right?

I didn't personally take it off Mars, but the script never went to Mars. Which is one of the things that I was actually excited about. The experience of going to Mars, they did a fantastic version of it, and it's on DVD, I don't want to touch that experience. I really do want us to do our own take.




I do not understand why you'd remake a movie just to avoid remaking the movie.