Too Early for Avengers Movie Speculation?

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While the screenwriter for Marvel's 2012 Avengers movie may be getting nervous about the finished product, the studio's head of marketing is suggesting that it's far too early for everyone else to be thinking about it just yet.

Talking to Crave Online, Marvel Studios' Head of Marketing, Doug Finberg, seemed both on-message about Iron Man 2 ("The combination of what Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios President] has and what everybody at Marvel Studios brings to the table is really a winning formula that we look forward to repeating so we're really hopeful that audiences continue to come and that's our goal") and eager to drop hints about the studios other upcoming movies, Captain America and Avengers:

Let's get through Thor before we actually get that far [as to discuss casting of Captain America]... It's ultimately about we want to get Thor right and then move on and actually just really give that the time that it needs to develop it, get it on screen, bring it to the audience. Then we're going to move on to Captain America so we're a little far out [to finalize the line up of] The Avengers, so we'll get there.


If we're a little far out for Avengers, why is Zak Penn scripting the movie already?

I think that's a tribute to just how rich the Marvel universe is, that it actually is that deep and the fabric is that intertwined that it takes that long to actually develop the process before we can actually get to the point of shooting a script.

Doesn't having a rich, deep backstory mean that writing the script would be easier...?

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