Top 5 'I'm a Mac' Parody Commercials

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

You know those Mac commercials? They go something like this.

"Hello, I'm a Mac.
"And I'm a PC"
"I'm a bit pretentious and condescending, and refuse to capitalize proper nouns."
"I sometimes poop my pants."
"I've been pooping my pants for years!"


Yeah, those commercials. We put together some of our favorite parodies that we've seen over the past few months. Hit the jump to laugh a little at the expense of others.

Mac Vs. PC

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Best Line: "Do you mean like stupid stupid, or cool stupid?"

Mac Vs. PC Vs. Linux?

Best Line: "When did that dipshit get here?"

Mac Vs. PC...Halo Style

The end really gets to the heart of it all.

iPod vs. Zune

Best Line: "First off, I get a blank sheet of paper. I write down the name of the song..."

PS3 vs. Wii

Best Line: "And by the way, my vibrating features have been disabled."

PS3 Vs. Toaster

Best Line: "I can play your dvds, maybe surf the internet...and I have sex with your girlfriend."


Ok, technically there are more than five here...just pick whichever you like most from the group and consider yourself an honorary Gizmodo writer for the day, with full typo privileges.



Let's not forget ME [The Commodore 64]. I am sick and tired for all this Apple vs. Microsoft crap!!!! Where would they be without ME!? I have a whole 64K or RAM and a genuine sequential storage device. Watch my YouTube video protest at this URL. And, rest assured I can beat your butt at FROGGER!

— C64 [the VERY underappreciated platform]