Top Republican Lawmaker in Illinois Resigns Over 'Cyber Security Issues'

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State Rep. Ron Sandack, a top Republican lawmaker in Illinois, announced his resignation when he issued a statement to the political blog Capitol Fax (in a password-protected post) early Sunday evening. According to the Associated Press and the Daily Herald, Sandack resigned due to “cyber security issues,” raising the question, What is this dude hiding?

Sandack—the former floor leader of the Illinois House—was apparently very active on Facebook and Twitter, so it was suspect when his accounts mysteriously disappeared last week. (As of 11 p.m. Sunday, they are still down.) The Daily Herald reports that Sandack gave the following statement:

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the people of the 81st district for the past four years in Springfield. But after some cyber security issues arose, I began to re-evaluate my continued public service.


Then, he predictably pivoted the discussion to what a great family man he is.

I have always recognized there is no greater privilege than being a father and husband. My duties in Springfield has meant missing a lot of events in the lives of my children. I am no longer willing to miss important family events.

OK, Sandack, guess it’s for the best that these “cyber security issues” prompted you to never miss an important family event again.

In June, Rep. Sandack appeared on The Daily Show in a segment about Illinois’s budget crisis, which has resulted in the state withholding money from social service providers, like those that support homeless youth, government contractors, and state colleges. In the segment, Sandack defended Bruce Rauner, Illinois’s Republican Governor, for vetoing the state budget.


What do you all think Sandack’s “cyber security issues” are? One can only hope this scandal ends up exposing some filthy, filthy sexts.


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Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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It’s been my experience that if a Republican is in a scandal there’s a good bet sex is involved and if it’s a Democrat it’s usually money or influence gone amuck.