Ah, trading cards. We all amassed piles of them when we were younger, be it Pokémon, Star Wars, sports or whatever. Now, at least for their Star Wars line, Topps are bringing the cards back... as part of a digital app that is literally nothing other than buying pictures on your phone.

The new app, available now on iOS, features not just digitised version of every Star Wars series Topps created for the films, but also new cards based on more recent properties like the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, or even cards based on The Force Awakens — specifically, the ones used to reveal the names of the characters seen in the first trailer will be in the app at launch, but more will be added closer to the film's release date.


So how does card collecting work without the tangibility of the cards themselves? According to Topps they intend on adding animated effects to cards to try and make them seem more special, so you're essentially collecting animated gifs. Not just collecting them, trading too! You get 1 free pack of cards to open a day — your first hit, if you will — and then you get the chance to buy more packs of cards with either in-app currency or, of course, with actual money, to expand your collection further, with daily and hourly (and even apparently just randomly for a few minutes) deals on packs encouraging to get that sweet, sweet digital high of opening a fake pack of cards.

Said cards can then be traded among other people using the app, expanding your collection of gifs and pictures as you see fit.

Surely part of the point of card collecting was the tangibility of owning a card? I'm not sure what you get out of this, but I'm pretty sure either way Topps will probably rake in a few credits capitalising on Star Wars mania this year.


[via USA Today]

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