Topps has been cranking out the political Garbage Pail Kids cards this year. And it’s Super Tuesday—the day when 12 states have primaries and caucuses—so they’ve got a new batch of limited edition treats.

There’s Distressed Donald and Terrified Trump, poking fun at Trump’s fear of debate moderators. (He skipped a GOP debate because he said Megyn Kelly of Fox News was mean to him.)

There’s Hand-Puppet Hillary and Crony Clinton, pointing out that Clinton takes quite a lot of money from Wall Street.

There’s Tabby Ted and Kitty Cruz which, of course, is a reference to Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz... a pussycat. Or... something like that.

And there’s Basket Bernie and Slam Dunk Sanders, which is probably the most insider of them all. Bernie likes basketball and played with his grandchildren after his “slam dunk” in New Hampshire.

But my personal favorite might be Robotic Rubio and Mecha Marco. Rubio has had many malfunctions in New Hampshire, but it looks like his firmware has been updated.

Sadly, John Kasich and Ben Carson didn’t even make the cut. These limited edition cards are only available for a limited time, so get’em while they’re hot! Topps says that these are the last political cards they’re probably going to make for a few months.

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