Toshiba 1089 Cleared By FCC, Looks Just Like The Zune

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The Toshiba 1089, USB 2.0 compatible, has a 30GB hard drive, and uses 802.11b/g WiFi. Hmm, does that sound familiar to anyone? Eh? Doesn't it look familiar? With its 3.0-inch TFT LCD display and FM tuner?


So Microsoft and Toshiba are probably working together after all.

FCC [via Mobile Whack via Crunchgear]

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I like when people talk about "Microsoft fanboys" as if they're everywhere and boasting how much they love Microsoft.

Maybe there's an underground network of them out there, but I sure as hell don't see too many people rocking Windows logos on their cars with personalized "1337" license plates.

As far as this player goes... what difference does it make that it's made/designed by Toshiba? Half the stuff made by ANY company isn't actually made/designed by them. Product definition and management is still what's going to result in the success or failure of a product... and the inclusion of big-ass screen, wi-fi, radio and FM transmitter by Microsoft's specifications sure seems like a step towards success to me.