Toshiba G810 Windows Mobile Smartphone Looks Like the HTC Touch

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Toshiba's no stranger to Windows Mobile devices, but their latest G810 touchscreen handset looks more similar to the HTC Touch than their previous HTC-like phones. It's got Windows Mobile 6 on board, 3g HSDPA, 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio 2.8-inch touchscreen display, 256MB internal memory, GPS, and a late Spring European launch. It's got enough features to be a good phone, but it's nothing revolutionary. [Toshiba Europe via Tech Digest via The Unwired]

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The phone is really nice.

I would buy it i won't lie to you, but right now I'm really waiting for the sony xperia x1 to come out.

That phone is super sexy. This would be the HTC Touch's competition but what i dont understand is why don't companies offer more when they compete with a phone instead of give just about the same package.

What i mean is add a larger screen, add a qwerty keyboard or atleast a number pad like the HTC Touch 2 or Touch Dual i think its called.

*sigh* when will companies learn we want bigger and better not just one.

If its bigger its usually slower and if its better its usually the same in phone just faster. I'd rather it have a larger screen even if its by only .25inches.