Toshiba Tecra M6 Core Duo Laptop

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Apple's MacBook's not the only one releasing a $1000 laptop with a Core Duo processor this week. Toshiba provides an alternative to our favorite fruity fellows with the Tecra M6. Starting at $1059, you'll get a 40 GB hard drive and 256 MB of ram. However, it doesn't come with Bluetooth or Wifi, so you'll have to add that on extra. But, its 12.1 inch 1280x800 display and 4.1 pound body should be great for business travelers, which is the target Toshiba is aiming at.

So between the M6 and the MacBook, who's the better value? They both have a 1280x800 resolution screen, but the MacBook comes with twice the RAM, WiFi, and 20 Gigs more hard disk space. The killer knife in the eye? At $1059, the M6 only has a Celeron M processor. To get a Core Duo 1.83Ghz processor to match the one in the MacBook, you'll have to pony up another $190.


Not to belabor this point, but the era of Apple hardware carrying a huge price premium is pretty much over.

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