Toshiba's SCiB Battery Recharges Fast, Lives for 10-Years

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Toshiba has just announced the imminent availability of their Super Charge ion Battery (SCiB), which will recharge to 90% in 5mins and has a life span of over 10-years. Unfortunately, the battery will only be made available to industrial markets initially (in either 2.4V/4.2Ah/150g or 24V/4.2Ah/2000g versions), but we are keeping our fingers crossed for a consumer edition. The SCiB will launch by March 2008, and it shall find its way into electrical vehicles as well as other "industrial systems," according to Mr Watanabe, CEO of Toshiba Industrial Systems. We understand that Mr Watanabe is probably very busy with the whole SCiB release thing, but that hasn't stopped us pleading to him:

Mr Watanabe, we are hurt that you have shown us these great treasures without means of attainment. However, we have faith you will implement this technology into all our juice sipping gadgets at some point. We look forward to that day. (Sometime in 2008 works for us, many thanks.) [Toshiba Press Release via I4U News]



the sanyo eneloop were a nice improvement, but that was to battery layout, not technology. and there are some more players doing thicker wall separation now too, so that price should drop. this however, if it's real, could be awesome, but I want it in a AA form :)