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CENTERPIECE: HD DVD Player, three 1080p LCDs in sizes of 37", 52" and 57"

SPECTACLE: Toshiba rents out a tiny room and gets deluged with about 5000 interested journos, turning away most after a long wait in line
ACHILLES HEEL: Its latest HD DVD player can't play Blu-ray Discs, a capability that LG's player will be doing in February


WHAT THEY DIDN'T SAY: Why didn't we think of that Blu-ray /HD DVD player? Oh yeah, we invented HD DVD.

BEST SPEC: 57" 1080p LCD display is a new size for Toshiba, sweet-looking video

OVERHEARD: Toshiba suit saying the company hopes to encourage more studios to support the HD DVD format (uh, a little late).


SNAP JUDGMENT: Sleek looking HD DVD player, not at all reminiscent of the VCR-like HD-AV 1 that was first but worst to market