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Remember those Total HD discs we talked about back in January? In a nutshell, they were Warner's solution to the format war, super discs that offered Blu-ray on one side and HD DVD on the other. Well, the discs are ready for their 15 minutes of fame debuting this June for "a little more" than the cost of current single-format discs. But there's a small problem...


You see, the first gen discs will have 15GB HD DVD on one side and 25GB Blu-ray on the other. Come August we'll see higher-capacity Total HD discs with 30GB HD DVD/25GB Blu-ray. So what's the problem? 50GB Blu-ray is outta the picture. (At least in the short term). So Blu-ray fans are bound to feel a little burned over that.


No other studios (other than Warner) are backing Total HD right now, so it'll be interesting to see how they do. Technically, Total HD isn't a third format, but to me this just gives me more reason to stick with my DVDs.

First Total HD Combo Discs Could Be Ready by Early Summer [High-Def Digest]

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