Touch Interactive DVD Player Looks Like the Lamp iMacs

Illustration for article titled Touch Interactive DVD Player Looks Like the Lamp iMacs

Apple may have strayed away from design that looks like a table lamp, but Touch Interactive is having none of that. Their Hybrid DVD Player and Display unit has the same weiner tip base as the old iMac, but instead of a levered arm attached to the display, this goes straight up and out. We may not have much use for an all-in-one DVD player unit around our houses, but dentist's offices, rich people's kitchens and sperm banks have much different needs than we do. [Touch Interactive via Cyber Theater]


Clearly the old G4's failed for only one reason: They lacked a two tone paint color. Alternatively, maybe they are hoping there are enough fans of the old Pixar Lamp model to buy this product? I could see it's usefulness in certain settings, such as a plastic 1970's blue and silver side table that someone could just not bare to part with. So, with a little luck, they might sell a half dozen or so.