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Touchscreen Apple iMac In New 22-inch Size Rumored

Illustration for article titled Touchscreen Apple iMac In New 22-inch Size Rumored

A brief report on the often ill-informed Digitimes quotes the Chinese Commercial Times paper as suggesting Apple may be readying a 22-inch touchscreen iMac.


This has largely come about thanks to rumors originating from Quanta and Sinket Photronic, the latter of which will be supposedly supplying Apple with the touchscreen displays. If this rumor bears any fruit, it's bad news to anyone who splashed out on a Troll Touch touchscreen iMac. [Digitimes]

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I understand why touch capabilities are justified on a -small- portable device, even on a possible Apple slate (i'm making big effort), but on a desktop computer... still don't know what is good about that, except the marketing aspect.Well, if it has a stylus (which Apple seems to hate) it can have artistic/creation purpose like a TabletPC or a Cintiq. Otherwise do not want.

I would keep my Cintiq anyway.