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Tour Tokyo's Tech Paradise, Now On Google Street View

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Google's dutiful camera vans have finished canvassing Tokyo, which means today you can now tour some of the world's most geek-friendly real estate in "electric town" Akihabara without the 14 hour plane flight. The folks at Mars Mag have put together a tour of some of their favorite Linux Maid Cafes, Dream PC builders, arcade palaces and electronics megastores that call Akihabara home.


Places like the Linux Cafe, your Gateway to the Open Source Computers!


Or Yodobashi Camera, one of the biggest electronics stores anywhere. A bajillion floors packed to the brims.

And little hovels like the Queen Dolce Cafe, where untold costumed geekery happens well above street level.

Google Street View also hit in Australia today, so if anyone unearths a magical district of electronics wonders down under, let me know. And hit Mars Mag for more: [Mars Mag]