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Toxic Nuclear Sludge Found 60 Miles Away from Fukushima Reactor

Illustration for article titled Toxic Nuclear Sludge Found 60 Miles Away from Fukushima Reactor

More proof that March's crisis persists: the Japanese government's found deadly cesium isotopes near the Fukushima district courthouse—that's over 60 miles from the plant. What's worse, the radioactive gunk contained over 20 times the "safe limit" of cesium.


For perspective, that scattered contamination is 20 miles more than the distance between DC and Baltimore. This isn't the first time radioactive material's been found far from the plant—and I doubt it'll be the last. [Kyodo News]

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Thanks for the update. Any amount of cesium over the safe limit in the public is dangerous. I don't understand those who try to dismiss this information. You don't get a second chance with your family, once they're gone, they're gone forever. This doesn't mean we should worry in the US, but residents of Fukushima province should be very concerned, as should those planning to travel there. The nuclear industry must be paying bloggers.