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Toys R Us pulls Breaking Bad figures from sale after angry petition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As the collector's market for action figures has grown, it's been unsurprising to see the rise of toys based on 'adult' properties - almost everything has action figures these days. But after a Florida mother saw Breaking Bad toys in her local Toys R Us, media attention has seen the figures pulled from shelves.

Susan Schrivjer started a petition after seeing Mezco's figures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the adult figures section of her local Toys R Us, angry that - despite the fact these toys are advertised as for being for ages 15 and up, and in a section that's specifically designated for adults rather than children - toys that 'glorified' the drug trade could be purchased by children. I'd like to see the kid with enough pocket money to buy one considering the pricey tag usually attached to figures like this, or the parent stupid enough to buy their young child a figure from a show that's decidedly not for kids, but there we go.

Schrivjer's plight hit national media earlier this week, who took the misinformation that the toys were being sold alongside child-appropriate toys (instead of separate from them, as they were) and ran with it, which saw her petition hit over 9,000 signatures - prompting Toys R Us to u-turn on their earlier defence of the toys place in their stores and remove them from sale, saying that the figures would take an 'indefinite sabbatical'.


Toy collectors might be a bit miffed that their figures are coming under fire, but not everyone is taking the removal from shelves seriously:


Looks like you'll have to look elsewhere for your Action figures now, Breaking Bad fans.

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