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Track This Adorable Penguin as He Swims from New Zealand to Antartica

Back in June, an Antarctic emperor penguin took one heck of a wrong turn and ended up in New Zealand, 2,000 miles off course. Now the little interloper is finally on his way back to where he belongs, and you can track him as he goes.


The penguin—sadistically named "Happy Feet" by his Kiwi captors—finally wore out his welcome this weekend, when the caretakers who had originally rescued him strapped a satellite transmitter to him and shoved him out the back of a boat. His trip home had been delayed because of especially bad weather during New Zealand's winter, but he managed a pretty impressive 75km in his first day of travel. You can follow his progress on a site set up to show his latest position on a map, and who knows, maybe the little fool takes another wrong turn and ends up in China this time. [Sirtrack via NPR, TVNZ]

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"Little fool"? Aw, don't be so hard on the guy! You try swimming during global warming, where everything keeps getting wetter and wetter and you lose all your landmarks!