Transformers returns & a creeper is peeking in on Princess Bubblegum as she sleeps!

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This week in the world of cartoons, Adventure Time somehow tops last week's George Takei creepiness with a peeping Tom controversy, Transformers: Prime returns with Shockwave taking center stage, and Pops eats some strange donuts and moves to a different plane of existence on Regular Show.


Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Gravity Falls are off for a couple weeks, but to appease your Marvel fix, included is an installment of Marvel's What The—?! tying in to the current Avengers vs. X-Men comic book series.

Previous reports suggested Green Lantern: The Animated Series was scheduled to return this week, but it now looks like the new episodes will start on 9/29. Regardless, we do have new Green Lantern scenes to show you featuring clips from the second half of the season.

As always, minor spoilers ahead!

Adventure Time – "You Made Me!"

The Earl of Lemongrab takes center stage in this episode, creepily watch Princess Bubblegum as she sleeps.

Finn and Jake find out via the security cams monitoring Princess Bubblegum's bed, and the duo jump in to do something about the creeping Earl.

Transformers Prime – "Out of the Past"

Transformers: Prime is back after summer break, with Cliffjumper returning in this episode.


Cliffjumper teams up with Arcee to find a new type of Decepticon made by Shockwave. Apologies for the poor audio quality, but it's a killer scene.

Regular Show – "Sugar Rush"

Pops eats a few to many tasty double-glazed apple fritters (unsafe for human consumption!) and gets a sugar rush. Two options become apparent to Mordecai, Rigby, and skips - should they tire Pops out or keep feeding him sugar?


They try both and settle on the latter, with Pops transcending to a higher spiritual plane through sugar intake.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series – "SDCC Promo"

The second half of the first season of GL:TAS will feature Guy Gardner and Hal clashing (yes!), as Guy replaces Hal Jordan as Earth's Green Lantern.


The first clip gives a peak at Hal's new foe, the Anti-Monitor.

This second clip shows the world's most beloved Green Lantern (well, at least in my world), Guy Gardner being called the "Ginger Green Lantern" by a reporter. Here's to hoping the addition of Guy Gardner will liven the series up a bit.


Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! – "Avengers vs. X-Men Part 3 "

As this summer's epic X-Men/Avengers crossover comes to an end in the world of floppies, their What The—?! counterparts appear appear to be handling their anger much better.


Top image courtesy of the Hub. Regular Show and Adventure Time air Monday nights on Cartoon Network. Tranformers: Prime airs Friday nights on the The Hub.




What is with the love for AT? The artwork is really ugly, minds me of the terrible "Squid Billies" and "Aqua Teen Crap Force" series.