Transforming Gift Wrap Means You're Actually Giving Two Presents

If you've ever looked at a mountain of shredded wrapping paper after a birthday party or Christmas morning and felt guilty about the waste—even if you intend to recycle it all—then you'll surely appreciate Nendo's alternative gift wrap that turns into a reusable tote afterwards.

The simple fabric bags come in three different sizes, with six different colors of ribbon to choose from, so they should be able to accommodate most gifts short of a new car. You simply put the present inside, gather up the excess fabric underneath it, and secure it with the decorative ribbon. And after the gift is opened, the ribbon, which remains tethered to the bottom of the bag, threads through a set of four grommets on top to become its adjustable-length handle.


There's nothing to throw away or recycle, and if they don't end up liking your gift, they'll still walk away with something usable. [Nendo via Inhabitat]


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