Transparent: Another Reason Amazon Prime Is the Best

Lately, Amazon's been doing whatever it can to get you to sign up for Amazon Prime, which we've long said is one of the best tech deals around. If you still needed an excuse to sign up, here's a very good one: Amazon's new original series Transparent, which I happily binge-watched all weekend.

I'm not giving anything away by telling you the series is about an LA family of three grown children and their father's sudden choice to become a woman, which unearths all sorts of other dark secrets. "Maura" is played with incredible grace by Jeffrey Tambor, but I found myself particularly entranced with the wonderfully awkward Gaby Hoffmann (yep, she was the daughter in Field of Dreams), as well as Judith Light as the family's matriarch, which made me realize how empty sitcom television has been since Who's the Boss? The show is apparently the semi-autobiographical story of creator Jill Soloway, and knowing that makes it even more uncomfortable, in the most delightful and devastating ways.


As previously mentioned, the only catch is that you can only watch Transparent if you're an Amazon Prime member, so you'll have to put up with a whole bunch of other stuff like being able to watch HBO shows online and getting free shipping on things you buy. You can watch the first episode for free, and decide if that $99/year is worth it. (It is.) [Amazon]

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Amazingly — and correct me if I'm wrong — but as far as I can tell this show is not available on torrents or anywhere else besides Amazon. It's actually the first show I've seen in a long while that has managed to stay off the piracy circuit for even a few days — a confluence of DRM, niche market, and possibly even a little pirate transphobia. Which is too bad because, although I have Prime, I find the framerate to be quite poor at times (especially since the show favors an ever-moving camera), and would really like a clean copy to watch instead.