If you recall, I have a weekly bit on the Covino & Rich Show on Maxim Radio, SIRIUS 108. Today, in honor of the guys seeing Justin "I'm a Mac Douchebag" Long around the SIRIUS studios, they decided to give me the age old quiz of Mac vs PC. Basically I summed it all up by telling people to get a Mac (even though I don't even own one) if you can afford it, or wait until Windows Vista comes out and see what that has to offer. I took some questions from callers and all-in-all hopefully helped people make a decision for themselves.

If you are still lingering on the ropes between Mac or PC, I suggest checking out some webpages. Apple, Dell and Microsoft would be good starting points. You can hear the encore show tonight and check me out next Thursday on the Covino & Rich Show on SIRIUS 108, Maxim Radio.