Trippy First Trailer for Kylie Minogue's Reality-Warping New Movie

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Australian pop diva and former soap star Kylie Minogue has already guest-starred on Doctor Who — and now she's appearing in a French movie about a man who lives multiple parallel lives. (And sometimes, he turns into a monster and kidnaps Eva Mendes.) Holy Motors just premiered at Cannes, and here is the demented first trailer.

Here's how Reuters describes Holy Motors:

Cars talk, a man is married to a monkey and Kylie Minogue contemplates suicide in "Holy Motors", easily the oddest movie in competition at the Cannes film festival screened so far this year.

Directed by French film-maker Leos Carax, the story follows Mr. Oscar, a man who spends each day living 10 different lives, each mapped out for him in a dossier left in the back seat of the stretch white limousine he travels in.

In the morning he is a rich businessman leaving his luxury home for work. Next he dresses up as an old woman beggar on the streets of Paris.

Each hurried change involves elaborate costume changes and make up in the back of the limousine, and leave Oscar, played with superhuman energy by Denis Lavant, increasingly exhausted as the day wears on...

Oscar's most shocking character is "Monsieur Merde", half-man half-beast who bursts in on a photo shoot at a Paris cemetery with U.S. actress Eva Mendes and carries her to his underground lair where she comforts the naked, aroused monster.

In another segment Australian pop star Minogue plays a melancholy air hostess who is contemplating suicide, and she performs a song for her lost love.

Here's a brief clip, in which someone wears a motion-capture suit, which isn't actually used for mo-cap. Instead, it's just shot in fluorescent light so it looks all trippy.