It looks like TiVo is pretty desperate to keep their customers. Not AOL-level desperate, but desperate enough to try to talk you into illegally breaking their DRM in order for you to stay a subscriber. Quoth Tino, who got the "break our DRM" schpiel:

I explain to her that I know I can move the files over but raw TiVo files are encrypted and useless. She said you can just download an application to convert them yourself. I explained this would be illegal under the DMCA and TiVo somewhat agressevly tries to enforce the encryption. She said so there is no way you can get an application to convert the files. I told her that I could get such an application but that it is quite illegal and Tivo could sue me or worse. The total times she tryed to get me to do something illega so I would keep the TiVo service, about 4. If I wanted to be illegal I could just dump the cable too and friggin download everything DRM and commercial free, DUH.


As if we needed a more concrete example of how DRM hurts consumer electronics companies.

Tino Kaltsas [via Consumerist]

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