What is Instagram for if not bragging oh so subtly about the stuff you're doing. It's true for rich kids on fancy vacations, and apparently, it's true for the Transportation Safety Administration, which has been posting images of the absurd stuff passengers are trying to carry on planes every day.


Since June 27th, the TSA has posted 10 gauzy, filter-soaked shots of handguns, concealed knives, fireworks, and even an (inert) hand grenade—all of which were confiscated from passengers trying to board flights. It's proof in sepia and tan that the TSA is doing its job by keeping the skies safe.

As Forbes points out, TSA is no stranger to using the Internet to get the message out about it successes. The agency has been blogging weekly updates about its dominion over the checkpoint line since 2008. Let's just hope all that social media communication isn't distracting agents from the all important task of taking dangerous implements away from air travelers in the first place. [TSA Instagram via Forbes]