TSA's "Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Bag Policy Starts Today

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You know that new TSA policy that kind of sounds like a ploy to sell new generations of laptop bags? The one where, if you have specific types of bags that are deemed "checkpoint friendly" by the TSA, you won't have to take your laptop out while going through security lines at the airport? That goes into effect today. The new policy is supposed to speed things up, but if you can't trust that stupid-ass office schmuck in front of you to take out his (or her) laptop in the last 35 minutes you were all waiting in line god damn it, I don't see how having different categories of X-ray-able bags won't just add to the confusion. [Yahoo! News]

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jkr's bold comment

@OMG! Ponies!: Nobody is above the law, that isn't to say the nobody is below the law either (quote). I don't see how this bag will make these guards able to confiscate your laptop, copy all of it's contents, and analyze that data any faster. Regardless of nice view windows, they still have to take it out of the bag to do this. I have come up w/ a new business idea. Unsecure airlines, you have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of getting hijacked, as opposed to the 1 in 1,000,000 chance w/ regular airlines, but at least you can get on the plane in 30 min or less. Since this is a touchy subject, I feel I need to qualify this satire. I personally believe that the extra delay at the airports was merely a reaction to 9/11, and not really for safety. The only 2 things that have actually helped secure travel more, is the reinforcing of the pilot cabin door, and additional air marshals. Everything else has just been a nuisance and useless. We as a nation have given up a lot of liberty in the name of security, this is wrong. And one last qualification, everything here is stated as just my opinion.