Turd Twister is like A Fecal Cookie Cutter

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Holy crap, literally! The Turd Twister is one hell of a unique gadget. Remember those Play-Doh machines back in the day that would pump out spaghetti and other shapes in Play-Doh—well this is pretty much identical, but the dough is of a more home-made variety. Pop the Turd Twister of your choice into the poop chute and begin the fun! Anybody watch Sopranos last night? Yeah, Vito, Jr. could really use one of these. The set of 10 dishwasher safe designs is available for $10.


Product Page [Via Nerd approved]

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Sweet fancy Moses....

I love the dishwasher safe bit...

It makes me want to buy one (not use it of course) and while everyone's eating dinner, break that sucker out to break the ice, and explain that it's easily washed in the dishwasher. Party's over.