Turn Your Magic Trackpad Into a Magic Numpad

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The numpad, as antiquated as it is, is still useful for many. Bankers! Gamers! Crude mathematicians! But damn it takes up so much space. That's why Mobee is letting you transform your Magic Trackpad into Magic Numpads.


It's clever, you just put a film on top of your trackpad and all of a sudden, a numpad is overlaid on your trackpad. The program will read your inputs as they would a traditional numpad. Making the trackpad pull double duty lets you avoid the annoyingness of owning the longboard keyboard but of course, you'd still need another trackpad or mouse to navigate around your computer. Can't have everything. $30 [Mobee Technology via This Is My Next]

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"Antiquated" unless you do any work whatsoever with numbers. I can enter stats over 10 times faster (maybe more) with a numeric pad than the plain keys on the top row. Please dont tell me to use the available Function keys on the laptop keyboard either, since they dont have the same feel and are not very good for those of us who enter by touch.

Long live the 10 key!