Turn Your Old iPod Into a Diagnostics Tool

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Sure, you could load up a flash drive with diagnostic, anti-virus, and data recovery software to fix up a sick computer, but it's kind of boring. If you've got an old iPod kicking around you might as well turn it into the hippest computer recovery tool around.

TechTool Protogo is a suite of diagnostic tools for your Mac designed to be loaded up on an iPod. I would be all about getting this on my old 10GB 2nd gen except for two small problems: I have a PC, and it's a whopping $150 for the software. Someone out there has got to be able to whip up a suite like this that's all freeware and can have the same iPod functionality. Let's see it, dudes.

Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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I basically did this with my 3rd Gen 40GB. Except mine is better. Since it's firewire, I loaded OS X on it. Then I loaded TechTool Pro, Drive Genius, Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, Softraid and more. Now I can plug it up to just about any Mac with a firwire port and run diagnostics and access the web if I need to troubleshoot. It certainly didn't cost me $150 either. Other World Computing has some nice deals on the aforementioned software.