Turner Broadcasting Coughs Up $2 Million for Boston 'Bomb' Scare

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Turner Broadcasting accepted full responsibility for scaring up cops and homeland security officials in Boston last week, with the broadcast giant and its contractor Interference Inc. agreeing to plunk down $2 million to soothe everyone's nerves after the goofy fiasco had the city up in arms.

One million bucks will be handed over to state and local agencies that pretty much panicked at the sight of a few blinking lights, and the other million will be forked over to our intrepid Department of Homeland Security to further ensure that no one is carrying deadly hair gel on airplanes.


That sum of $2 million looks like a bargain considering the amount of publicity the Cartoon Network received for its Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotion. Come to think of it, that's a half-mill cheaper than a Super Bowl spot. Once again, we learn that playing upon people's fears is a perfect way to get their undivided attention.


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