Turns Out, You May Not Actually Want an OLPC For Yourself

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It's no wonder you want an OLPC: They're cute and colorful and can be powered by the pull of a string. They run Linux and Windows, and cost just $175 apiece. But unfortunately for your well-heeled ass (is that even anatomically possible?), these laptops are for underprivileged kiddies only. And even then, as the name informs us, just one per child.

Well, now that the specifications are out, you can see if it's worth flying to one of the countries on the list and buying one off of some kid for an extortionary $225, or perhaps building your own version in your mom's basement your secret laboratory. Jump for the details.


•433 MHz AMD Geode LX-700 x86 Processor, up from 366MHz

•256MB RAM, up from 128MB

•1GB NAND Flash storage, up from 512MB

•802.11b/g-based WiFi Mesh networking

•7-1/2 inch dual-mode LCD, 800x600 in color mode, then 1200x900 in monochrome for reading and better outdoor visibility

•2 watts of power usage in normal mode, 4 to 8 watts when screen is in hi-res mode

•Between four and eight hours of battery life, plus pull-string charger when no socket is available


•3 USB Ports

Of course, the key to the whole thing is the special software, which Ars Technica reminds us is "based around Linux, X-Windows, the lightweight Matchbox window manager, and the Sugar desktop environment." Regardless of how well the Linux software manages the hardware (or how well the implementation of Windows goes, if and when that actually happens), you may want to put a little custom work into your own homemade OLPC, like adding say, an Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX graphics card and like 32GB of NAND Flash.


Behind the OLPC price bump: better hardware [Ars Technica]

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so how do we donate money so some poor kids can have what we can't? Maybe Gizmodo can hook us up with some charity fund to help get some of these donated?