Twitter/Facebook Integrating Internet Radio Tells Your Social Networks That You Buy Stupid Things

Witness convergence in its dumbest form: the Pure internet radio that has Facebook and Twitter integrated right in. You know, for when the world needs to know that you're really fiscally irresponsible.

Do you know what else is an internet radio with the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter? Any computer with speakers. And what exactly would an internet radio tweet, anyways? That you're currently listening to the radio? Sounds like a pretty boring Twitter feed.


But hey, if you see something that I don't in these, Pures got a few different models for you to check out:

The new radios include the $349 Sensia with a digital tuner and internet radio and a color touchscreen. The device offers Facebook and Twitter connectivity. The Evoke Flow will sell for $229 and is a portable radio that can wirelessly connect the user to digital content. The Siesta Flow sells for $139 and is designed for bedside use with up to 365 alarm settings and a USB PowerPort for charging USB gear.

The Oasis Flow is a rugged radio that is weatherproof, durable and designed for people who like to listen to music outside. The Oasis Flow will sell for $249. The Sirocco 440 will retail for $449 and us a complete digital sound system. The device can play tracks from the iPod or iPhone, USB drives, SD cards, and CDs. Availability will be announced later this year.


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