Twitter's Awful But Amazing Recruitment Video

There's nothing like a good viral video to spread the word that you're hiring, and tbat's what Twitter hopes they've created with their latest recruiting effort that combines equal parts cheesy and awesome.


It's actually kind of brilliant because while it was created to poke fun at the embarrassingly bad recruitment videos we've all seen before, it still manages to get the message across about why it's apparently great to work for Twitter. This parody couldn't have taken longer than a couple of days to produce, but you still get the impression that the company is a cool place to work given this pitch was approved. And if their CEO, Dick Costolo approves, who am I to question its awesomeness? [YouTube via Laughing Squid]



Q: "Did you really pause to read this?"

A: "Unicorn slayer."

I guess that's a "Yes".