Two-Fifths of American Households Now Use Video Streaming Services

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A new report by the media measurement organization Nielsen reveals that more than two-in-five American households now subscribe to an online video streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Of the streaming services used around the country, Netflix wins out by a clear margin. In its Total Audience Report, Nielsen claims that around 36 percent of American households were subscribing the service as of last November. Amazon Prime was found to be used in 13 percent of homes, with Hulu Plus taking third spot, being used by 6.5 percent of households.

Around a third of homes subscribe to just one streaming service, while 10 percent greedily use two and 2.6 percent binge with three. It's perhaps no surprise that areas with particularly high levels of streaming service uptake also have the country's highest Internet speeds. Presumably nobody ever leaves the house in Kansas City.

Interestingly, the survey also found that homes signed up to streaming services spend more time in front of a screen than those without. On average, they watch 2 hours 45 minutes per day compared to 1 hour 57 minutes.

While Nielsen does include some online viewers in its TV ratings, it doesn't measure those who stream using Netflix or Amazon. Clearly, that's becoming increasingly unrepresentative of the TV we all actually watch.[Nielsen via NYT]

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46 million households using streaming, and HBO goes after the ~4M that have Apple TV. Boo.