Two Million Dead Americans Can Vote, 51 Million Alive Americans Can't

Illustration for article titled Two Million Dead Americans Can Vote, 51 Million Alive Americans Cant

According to a new study, there are about two million dead Americans listed on active voter registries. Not only that, but one out in every eight registrations is either invalid or inaccurate. I can't wait for Voting Dead Season 3.


The snafu doesn't stop there: three million voters can vote in multiple states, 12 million have errors in their listing data and 51 million voters are not even registered.

A new study by Pew Research says that this is the result of antiquated registration policies and old technology. These problems results in poorly maintained databases that are basically skewing the system. While this may not seem like a lot for some people, sometimes elections are truly decided by a handful of votes. Ask Al Gore about it.


On second thought, we probably need Zombie Democracy, The Movie. [Pew Research via Fox News]

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US-american voting is fucked up anyway. Once-convicted people can't vote ever? As if you have no rights when you once stole something. Free country my ass. You all need to take a look at some european countries to see what freedom, liberty, independence all all your other ridiculous buzzwords REALLY mean.