Illustration for article titled Two Mysterious New iPhone Versions Show Up in Apple TV Firmware

For the second time, reference to two unknown iPhone models have appeared, this time 'round in the Apple TV firmware. With the iPhone 4 known as "iPhone 3,1" internally, could "3,2" and "3,3" be alternative carrier versions?


That's what we wrote off April's leaks as, which were found in the iPad OS filesystem. Five months on, and another product down, and there they are again. If you believe every tale you hear, you'll be familiar with the fact that Verizon is said to be close to launching the iPhone 4. Maybe the other version is next year's AT&T iPhone, or an iPhone on yet another carrier?


Who knows. We certainly won't be seeing anything concrete until Apple themselves announces the goods, so until then we can only speculate as to what these mysterious versions (and the "20547" product) actually are. [9to5Mac]

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