Two New Palm Phones Could Finally Be On Their Way

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Just as we were beginning to think Palm's revival would amount to nothing more than four phones and some potential nifty printers, we hear word of two new models (and a new TouchStone) showing up in a certification database.

TUV Rheinland, the same certification site which foresaw the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus has listed the two model numbers P102UNA and P102EWW in the last month, along with the inductive battery charger. It's obviously high time for some actual new hardware to show up, as it's been almost TWO WHOLE YEARS since the Pre was introduced. The Pixi and follow-ups Pre Plus and Pixi Plus barely register in our minds as new hardware, sadly.


I must say, after checking out the leaked webOS 2.0 screenshots, all these warm memories are flooding back to me of frolicking on the beach with a Pre, sharing happy times swiping that touchscreen surface... [TUV Rheinland via PreCentral]