Two Tiny Tastes of Windows 7: Fancier Start Button and Nifty Calculator

Last weekend we caught a fleeting glimpse of the latest build of Windows 7. Today, the same source of those screenshots is gracing us with two brief videos. The first is just a very simple clip demonstrating Window 7's updated Start button glow animation. The second, listed after the jump, demonstrates the powerful new integrated calculator.

With complete history lists and handy calculations like date to-date measurements, this is the first integrated OS calculator in 10 years that we might actually be tempted to use. No, these clips don't show a lot. But when we have so little Windows 7 to partake in, they sure beat gnawing at the leather in our sneakers. [thinknext]


So now were hating MS for a picture of a glowing button, a better calculator, and redone GUIs for paint and wordpad and somehow most of people seem to reason that this it the sole product of two years of work of the entire windows product team of around 1000 people. You see a microscopic fraction of a not even beta build of an OS and assume it sucks. Now I understand why this country is going to shit.