That wasn’t the end of the rat’s nest of dongles and adapters, however. The iPhone X was perched on a stand that made its Lightning connector USB-compatible, while a USB hub connected to that allowed the mouse and keyboard to be wired up at the same time. If you did grow up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and spent any amount of time working with desktop computers, you’re probably waiting for exasperated tales of trying to find the right device drivers and software to make this hack work—but once they were plugged in, iOS was totally happy to play ball with the antique peripherals.


To make a mouse work on your iOS 13 device you do need to pop into the Accessibility settings and turn on Assistive Touch, but that’s really the only software hoop you need to jump through. Watching someone use an iPhone with a mouse and keyboard seems completely against everything iOS was designed for—let alone hardware from the ‘80s. But the clackety sound of the keys on that original Macintosh keyboard? That’s a vast improvement to the simulated ticks and clicks of iOS’ own software keyboard.