Tyrant Kim Jong-Il's Favorite Computer Was a MacBook Pro 15

Samsung? Lenovo? Sony? Dell? Nah. This was the favorite computer of Kim Jong-Il, the dead North Korean dictator, keen observer and purveyor of all things fattening: an Apple MacBook Pro 15.


Sophie Schmidt—daughter of Eric, Google's president—had the unique opportunity to visit the Bigass Leader's mausoleum, the heavily guarded building that used to be his office and now includes his body alongside his favorite things:

Also lying in state: the late Leaders' cars, train compartments and even a yacht, all preserved in their former glory. Even Kim Jong Il's platform shoes were on display. I was delighted to learn that he and I shared a taste in laptops: 15" Macbook Pro.

Reading her account, I wonder how many people in North Korea know what a MacBook is. My guess is a dozen. If that. Somewhere in a dimension made of glass, aluminum and wood, Steve Jobs' ghost is smiling and thinking "changing the world, one tyrant's desktop at a time." [Sophie In North Korea]


Nothing to See Here!

I'm so interested to learn more about North Korea and what kind of values the public have.

Do they get to make their own decisions? Or do they get told "Right, you are going to work in the theatre", "You are going to work in the factory", "You are going to work in the military" as soon as they're born?

Can they leave their house whenever they want?

For some reason I have the imagination that they're shoved around almost entirely.